Mitsuame Lacquer Bowl

Box and Ribbon Colors

  • About our Mitsuame Lacquer Bowl
    • Exquisite pieces of art, our copper mitsuame (mit-su-ah-may) lacquer bowls are filled with luxurious assortments of our finest confections: award-winning salted caramels, dark and milk chocolate truffles, and chocolate-covered fruits and nuts.
  • What's Inside this Box
    • 1 box 16pc Assorted Truffles

      Sixteen of our dark and milk chocolate truffles, including oolong tea, locally distilled single malt whiskey, fresh raspberry, and locally roasted espresso

      1 box 20pc Fran's Assortment

      A complete assortment of our handmade truffles and award-winning salted caramels

      1 box 12pc Gray & Smoked Salt Caramels

      Twelve of our award-winning dark and milk chocolate-covered salted caramels

      1 box 18pc Dark & Milk Nuts & Caramels

      Eighteen pieces of our classic caramels, award-winning salted caramels, and organic almond trios dipped in dark and milk chocolate

      1 box 9pc Dark & Milk Tas de Noix

      Organic roasted macadamia nuts top slow-cooked butter caramel, finished with dark and milk chocolate

      1 tin Dark Hot Chocolate

      Indulge in the decadent taste and bittersweet complexity of our 68% single-origin Dominican chocolate shavings

      1 box 10pc Chocolate Covered Ginger

      Spicy, organic candied ginger covered in our custom dark chocolate blend

      1 box 20pc Orange Confit

      Tender, sweet, lightly floral orange peels are candied and enrobed in Organic and Fairtrade dark chocolate

      1 box 3pc Chocolate Covered Apricots

      Tart and sweet, whole Blenheim apricots are gently dried and covered in Organic and Fairtrade dark chocolate

      1 box Lemon Confit

      Citrus lemon flavor, sweet, and lightly floral. Lemon peels are candied and covered in Organic and Fairtrade milk chocolate.

      1 box 2pc Dark Truffles

      Two of our signature dark chocolate truffles

      1 box 3pc Salted Caramels

      Three of our award-winning dark and milk chocolate-covered salted caramels

  • Product Care
    • Our chocolates are handcrafted in small batches from all-natural and, when possible, local and organic ingredients.

      For optimal freshness and flavor, please enjoy your chocolates within 10 days.

      Store your chocolates in a cool, dry place between 64-68°F (14-16°C) and out of direct sunlight.

      To avoid blooming, please do not place your chocolates in the refrigerator.

      While we generally advise against refrigerating chocolates, there may be some instances like heat and humidity where refrigeration is the only way to maintain the integrity of your chocolates.  If you do need to store your confections in the refrigerator, we recommend protecting them by placing the box inside two airtight plastic bags, air removed and fully sealed.  Stored in this way, we recommend enjoying refrigerated confections within 1 month.  When enjoying refrigerated chocolates, we suggest keeping the box inside the two sealed plastic bags until the entire package comes to room temperature; this process will take approximately two hours.

  • Gift Services
    • A box of chocolates is always in good taste.

      We strive to ensure that gift giving with Fran’s is a delicious experience, from start to finish.

      Our Signature Gift Boxes and Hand Tied Satin Ribbons

      Inspired by the vibrant colors of the seasons and holidays, our elegant boxes are gifts in and of themselves. Our satin ribbons are hand tied for a perfect bow every time, and our generous ribbon selection will complement any color scheme.

  • Shipping & Packaging
    • Nothing is more important to us than your complete satisfaction. That is why we take great care creating our chocolates and hand packing your order. Please note that all of our chocolates are shipped via Local, Express, or Overnight methods due to perishability.

      U.S. SHIPPING  We take great care in making our confections and hand packing your order to ensure it arrives in the best possible condition. Due to perishability, our chocolates are shipped via Local, Express, and Priority methods. All shipping rates are per shipment. Shipments to Residential addresses deliver by 8pm, Business addresses deliver by 5pm. For more information, visit

      FLAT RATE SHIPPING  We offer flat rate shipping to destinations within the U.S. Visit to see our current rates.

      INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING  We ship to Canada and Japan from January through November. For shipping rates, shipping times, and to inquire about other destinations, please contact us 206.322.0233 or International orders placed Monday-Sunday will usually ship the following Monday. Between December 1 and January 1, we are not able to accept new international orders.

      MULTIPLE GIFTS FOR MULTIPLE PEOPLE?  Our Multi-Ship tool makes giving to many simple and easy. Choose the Shipping To Multiple Addresses option during checkout, and easily assign the appropriate gift to your intended recipients.

      WARM WEATHER SHIPPING  We guarantee your chocolates will arrive in excellent condition, even in warm weather. If temperatures exceed 75°F, we will send your chocolates with complimentary ice and insulated packaging to prevent melting. For residential deliveries, we recommend alerting recipients that a sweet gift is on its way so the chocolates are not left outside for long periods. During warm months, we are often unable to ship over the weekend, Monday arrival dates may not be available, and ground shipping may not be available; all currently available arrival dates and shipment methods will be listed on our shipping calendar during checkout.